Date: 08 Apr 2014
Cat: Success Stories

Always working toward a healthier, stronger, longer-living version of me

I started yoga a couple of years ago at the recommendation of a fellow runner as I was experiencing a lot of pain in my knee/leg to the point of having to wear a brace every time I did a long run. Due to this and a scoliosis problem, my flexibility was also very limited. Once I talked to Melissa about my issues she immediately began focusing on those problem areas and completely turned my body around!! I can honestly said I am pain free, and haven’t used a brace since! Most importantly, my flexibility is 100% improved – I can bend in ways I never thought were possible due to the curvature in my spine. Melissa & a regular yoga practice have revamped my body, and most importantly, my soul and I am completely indebted to her for it.

Yogi-runner, mother of two.